This is a comprehensive review of the OMSCS courses I have taken. I take a deep dive into the content and assignments, and I provide code samples when possible. You can use these as a guide to inform your decisions about which courses you would like to take, as well as have an idea of what you will do and learn.

My attempt is to provide a more visual overview of the courses, where you can skim the article over a few minutes and leave with better understanding of what the course will offer. The focus of this is not reviewing course difficulty, as that can be very subjective depending on past experience. But if you want that, head over to OMSCentral. The goal of this is also not to teach content, but rather for readers to have a strong idea of the material and what they will actually work on beyond a simple list of topics. Like a super syllabus. It may be helpful for those who have taken the courses to read through to trigger some memories and have a good gauge of what they might want to review deeper on their own.

My posts are structured:

  • Overview - A quick blurb about the subject, and the breadth + depth of topics that the course covers.
  • Content - High-level introduction to the topics, especially those relevant to assignments
  • Results - Outputs of the deliverables from assignments and projects

There should not be enough revealing information to give any student an advantage in a course, but if it seems so, please let me know, and I will adjust the content.