I'm Kevin

I attended Georgia Tech for my undergrad and masters, worked as a software engineer, and founded my own company. The greatest contribution to my education and career has been from leveraging open source projects and learning from technical blogs, so I hope to be able to provide that to others.

Software Engineer @ FullStory

The absolute creative ability to create whatever you desire improves each day. It's exciting to be in software.

This site

I built this with React/Gatsby.js, and the source code is here. Components are from a mix of Material, open-source, and my own design. The post content is managed on Contentful, and are rendered using Gatsby Remark plugins.


I have these two cool dogs for some reason. pic

I dabble in music. Some people say I'm proficient.

Backpacking is invigorating. Glacier National Park is the most beautiful place.

I was a competitive rower, then I hurt my back, so I got good at climbing rocks.

I've been to three Taylor Swift concerts. She is an incredible marketer and knows more about what you think you know about her than you think you know what you think and know about her.


Email me at kev (dot) wang2 (at) gmail. Or use the contact form in the sidebar.